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100% Vegan Restaurant

Why Vegan?

It's time to ask ourselves: why don't we live a life that includes tasty food and drink, improves health, has a smaller carbon footprint, and doesn't kill other creatures?

Organic Market

Why Organic?

Organic products are normally more expensive, but organic producers reduce their carbon footprint by using crop rotation and natural fertilizers instead of synthetic pesticides.

Fair Trade Coffee Shop

Why Fair Trade?

Unfair trade is driving poverty!

Workers are denied labor, economic, social, civic, and political rights, such as freedom of association, a livable wage, collective bargaining, and health and safety requirements, as a result of unfair trade.

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Consuming as a form of activism - Our Ideology in numbers

Everyday a vegan saves

0 lt
of Water
0 kg
of Grain
0 sq.m.
of forested land
0 kg
Animal Lives

Over the past 5 years, Pernera Vegan Restaurant has saved:

  • kg of grain
  • lt of water
  • sq.m. of forested land
  • kg of CO2
  • animal lives

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Sales of the day

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Dishes of the day

Creamy Mushroom Spaghetti 13,00 

Pasta made with 100% archaic protected grains cooked in vegan organic homemade creamy sauce, fresh herbs & mushrooms.

Vegan Bolognese Pasta 13,00 

Pasta made with 100% archaic protected grains cooked in juicy red sauce made with organic legumes' mince and served with home-made almondzela and fresh herbs

Vegan Mousaka 14,00 

Zuccini Beshamel cream covering a legumes' and organic tempeh's juicy red mince and oven baked vegetables, served with vegan homemade tzatziki in a marriage of tradition and ethics.

Oven baked Mushrooms, portion 14,00 

A variety of fresh mushrooms marinated in a mixture of greek herbs. Served with oven-baked potatoes, fresh organic salad, homemade vegan yogurt sauce, homemade mustard sauce & grilled whole grain organic pita bread.

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