For the easter eggs

1 cup raisins

1 cup gluten free oat flakes or any grane flakes of preference

1 cup greek nut of preference(walnuts,almonds,sunflower seeds etc.)

1\2 cup homemade peanut butter or tahini or seed butter of preference

For sugar crust (greek version)

2 cups of organic and fairtrade brown sugar

Juice from half lemon

For chocolate crust (exotic version)

200gr of Fairtrade and vegan dark chocolate


For the easter eggs

Rinse well the raisins and soak for about 3 hours.Put all the ingredients in a food processor and mix them until homogenized.Cut parts out of the mixture and form egg shapes. Place them in a bowl and leave them aside (or in the fridge), while preparing the craft.

For the sugar crust

Pour the sugar in a non stick pan on a slow fire until it starts melting. Then add lemon juice and keep on stiring with a wooden spoon until it melts completely.

For the chocolate crust

Melt the chocolate in a ben marie.

Creating the egg shell efect.

Place carefully* each egg in the melted sugar or chocolate while they are still on fire, and using 2 forks, turn around each egg making sure that all side of eggs are fully covered. Re-place the eggs on a baking sheet. Let them cool down. 

Put them in a bowl and preserve them in a fridge.

* Hot sugar can cause serious skin burns if treated carelessly.

Happy Easter!