Vast majority of our vegetables, fruits, greens, nuts, legumes, fermented products, mushrooms and sprouts are organic.


(13:00 - 16:00)


Gozd(l)eme 9,00 

Traditional flatbread recipe from home made and organic pie stuffed with organic potatoes, home-made plant-based seed cheese and fresh greens (potato pie)  

Pizza Slice With Organic Whole Grain Zea 8,00 

Home made crust made with organic whole grain flour from archaic protected varieties of grains, plant cheeze, fresh mushrooms, tofu or vegan ham and seasonal vegetables. Served with fresh rocket, cherry tomatoes & homemade almond-sunflower seed cheeze

Gaspacho Soup 8,00 

Refreshing, raw soup with tomatoes, cucumber, onion, water melon, organic cretan avocado, fresh herbs and ice. Served with whole grain rusks

Protein Taboule, GF 9,00 

Greek Organic quinoa, tomato, cucumber, organic aronia, black raisin, fresh onion, parsley, coriander, extra virgin olive-oil and spices

Hummus 8,00 

organic, greek legume of the day, whole-grain organic tahini, olive-oil and lemon juice, served with grilled whole-grain pita bread with olive-oil and oregano

Guacamole from Cretan Avocados 9,00 

served with oven-baked whole-grain nachos

Babaganoush 9,00 

eggplants baked in the oven with peppers and garlic, organic whole-grain tahini, apple cider, extra virgin olive-oil and a special mix of spices! Served with whole-grain Arabic pita, grilled with olive-oil and oregano

Lahmatzoon / Turkish Pizza with Mince 9,00 

crispy whole-grain pita topped with organic, juicy legumes’ and organic tempeh mince cooked in tomato sauce with our favourite spices, onion, organic, traditional varieties of cherry tomatoes and fresh greens

Lahmatzoon / Turkish Pizza with Seed ‘Cheese’ 9,00 

crispy whole-grain pita topped with organic, home-made white, sunflower seed and almond paste, organic traditional varieties of greek cherry tomatoes and fresh greens

Vegan Tzatziki 8,00 

Home-made, greek, light, organic, refreshing, vegan tzatziki. Served with home-made zea bread

Fava 8,00 

Organic Fava from Thessaly, cooked traditionally, served with caramelized onion and caper bush, accompanied with home made whole grain bread


Patmian Walker 13,00 

Organic seasonal variety of fresh greens, fresh pear, Greek quinoa, almonds, home-grown sprouts, Greek organic pickled goji berry, organic cretan avocado, refreshing sweet lemon dressing, extra virgin olive oil

Genesis 14,00 

Organic Greek Quinoa, Organic Greek Colourful beans, a mixture of oven-baked seasonal vegetables (carrot, sweet potato, juccini), kale leaves & seasonal greens, organic sunflower seeds and fresh seasonal fruit, smoked nori flakes, organic tamari- pure grape syrup & pure greek peanut butter dressing.

Ceasar's Protein 14,00 

At least three kinds of seasonal greens, rocket,cherry tomatoes, fresh yellow corn, organic home made chickun seitan, home-baked zea wheat croutons, home-made almondzela, organic sundried strawberry strips, ceasar dressing. (Gluten free optional with tofu)

Mushroom Salad 14,00 

At least three different kinds of seasonal greens, rocket, fresh mushrooms lightly sauteed with fresh rosemary in extra virgin olive oil, organic sundried tomatoes, sultanas, organic Greek walnuts, homemade sunflower almond cheese, patmian sundried figs, sweet mustard dressing, home-grown sprouts, extra virgin olive oil

Greek Salad 13,00 

Tomatoes, cucumber, green & red pepper, onion, parsley, olives, organic grape or apple vinegar, organic oatmeal rusks, almond & sunflower seed cheeze, extra virgin olive oil, oregano

Main Dishes & Burgers - Wraps - Sandwiches

Crab free cake Baoban 8,00 

Juicy and tender new england crab style grilled cakes, tomato, seasonal greens, sauerkraut, organic Greek Goji berry chutney, home-made Ceasar dressing.

Peaceful Sea Burger 14,00 

Juicy and tender, vegan fish-style burger based on legumes, plant-based protein and sea-weed grilled on the plate with extra virgin olive oil, tomato, lettuce, sauerkraut, organic Greek goji berry, orange and beetroot chutney, pink home-made mayo, pickles, all in a home-made organic bun made with traditional Greek varieties of wheat.

Pernera's Beyond Burger 14,00 

It all starts with a 110gr Beyond Burger then melted vegan cheese, homemade vegan mayonaise, bbq sauce, tomato, onion, lettuce, a ban made with 100% archaic protected varieties of whole grains. (extra slice of plant-based bacon +1,5)

Falafel Portion 12,00 

6 crispy falafel balls grilled on the pan with extra virgin olive oil olive-oil, hummus with whole-grain tahini, vegan homemade tzatziki, juicy, fresh green salad dressed in vegan mayo dressing, whole grain arabic pita bread grilled with olive-oil and oregano

Falafel Wrap 7,00 

3 falafel balls from organic chickpeas, oven baked potatoes, vegan yoghurt sauce, hummus, home made mayonnaise,tomatoes, fresh green salad in big, whole grain 27cm pita

Oven Baked Mushroom Wrap 7,50 

oven-baked mushroom gyros, oven-baked potatoes, vegan mayonnaise, vegan yoghurt winter sauce, tomato, onion, in whole grain arabic pita bread of 27cm

Side Dishes

Grilled Bread Portion 2,00 

home-made, whole ancient grain and organic, sliced and grilled with extra virgin olive-oil, oregano and sea-salt

Whole, Small Loaf 4,00 

home-made, whole ancient grain and organic small loaf to accompany you all day at home

Sweets of the day

Traditional Lemon Pie with Ice cream 8,00 

Traditional Lemon pie with whole grain organic pastry seeds, organic lemons, fairtrade brown sugar and patmian flower water. Served with ice cream.

Vegan Pistachio / Hazelnut Ice cream 3,50 

A scoop of exceptional Vegan Icecream made with coconut milk, 10% pistachio butter or 10% hazelnut butter, and walnut. Served with greek organic cookie.

Baklavas 8,00 

Traditional sweet from organic whole grain pastry sheets, organic walnuts and syrup from fairtrade brown sugar.

Traditional Orange Pie with Ice cream 8,00 

Traditional Orange pie with whole grain organic pastry seeds, organic oranges, fairtrade brown sugar and patmian flower water. Served with ice cream.

Vegan Ice cream Cheesecake 8,00 

Organic, vegan icecream served on gluten free, vegan and organic buckwheat cookie and almond butter crust topped with greek berries and raw grape vegan syrup.

Bougatsa - Greek Custard Pie with Pastry Sheets 5,50 

Homemade bougatsa pie from organic whole grain flour, filled with semolina cream, organic unprocessed sugar and traditional patmian flower water  served with fairtrade organic chocolate praline of 3 ingredients : hazelnut butter, cocoa powdered and coconut blossom sugar

Chocolate Mosaic Cake 7,00 

Organic, fair-trade cacao and unprocessed sugar, as always, organic, sugar-free cookies, peanut butter, served cool with organic vegan icecream and fair trade organic praline

Fairtrade Coffee & More

Iced Matcha Latte Tea 5,50 

Creamy Refreshing Beverage with Plant Based Milk and Organic Matcha Powder

Barley Coffee 3,00 

Caffein free coffee from roasted organic barley and chicory. - Barleiccino : with plant-based milk foam +0,50

“Mediterranean Cacao“ Hot Carob 3,20 

Carob is caffeine free, naturally sweet and rich in minerals

Espresso 2,50 

Organic and Fair Trade

Espresso double 2,80 

Organic and Fair Trade

Freddo espresso 3,20 

Organic and Fair Trade

Freddo Espresso with Plant-Based Milk 3,60 

Organic and Fair Trade

Cold Brew 3,20 

Organic and Fair Trade

Zapatistas Coffee 2,50 

100% Arabica Organic and Fair Trade

Zapatistas Coffee Double 2,80 

100% Arabica Organic and Fair Trade

Hot Cacao 3,50 


Cold Cacao with Cacao Nibs 6,00 

Fairtrade Cacao with Madagascar Vanilla and Coconut Blossom Sugar / Cardamon, Cinnamon, Ginger and Coconut Blossom Sugar


Juicing daily a variety of greens, roots and fruits is the only practical way to make sure that you are taking in all the essential micro-nutrients that you need to stay healthy and productive until the last day. We are using one of the best juicers in the world, with double magnetic cylinders, so that you can have the maximum cellular nutrition at minimum time, that means 15-20 minutes. Αll our Smoothies are prepared using the technology of vacuum blending which gives the minimum oxidation possible during the blending process. As a result nutrients stay intact and smoothies fresh for more time in your glass.

Health Bomb 8,00 

Ice cold Watermelon, orange, fresh tumeric, grapes, organic original Japanese matcha tea and wheat grass, organic natural hazelnut butter

Juice of well-being 7,00 

A variety of seasonal organic greens, roots and fruits is the only practical way to make sure that you are taking in all the essential micro-nutrients that you need to stay healthy and productive until the last day.

Summer Reboot 5,50 

Melon and watermelon  (partly centrifugal guicing)

Orange 4,00 

Health Shield 6,50 

Fresh Seasonal Greens, organic apple, lemon, ginger

Τhe Prevention Doctor 6,50 

Carrots, organic apple juice, fresh turmeric/ fresh ginger

Stomach Healer 6,50 

Apple, beetroot, ginger, celery root

Cold Beverages

Aronia Pure Juice 4,30 

Juice with organic aronia berries 250ml

Grizo & Prasino – Pu & Pu 250ml 3,50 

Ready cold drink from organic herbs. Contains sage, mint and calendula. Without dyes, without preservatives and with a little brown sugar.

Thema Chronou Sugar free 250 ml 3,50 

250ml of real herbal drink, from real organic herbs and real people.

Pu & Pu iced 3,50 

We do not know if a cold herbal drink can be more refreshing than this. You will wonder how the previous summers passed. 250ml of real herbal drink, from real organic herbs and real people. No fragrances, no preservatives, no flavor enhancers. Caffeine free, Sugar free, Gluten free, Vegan, 0 calories

Pu & Pu - Me and You Orange Iced 3,50 

A cold drink with familiar flavors, given otherwise. Orange but only with a little orange. Favorite of young and old. 250ml of real herbal drink, from real organic herbs and real people. No fragrances, no preservatives, no flavor enhancers. We do not need any of these. From the herbs the taste and the aroma. From herbs and properties. How wonderful? Caffeine free, Sugar free, Gluten free, Vegan, 0 calories, 100% natural

Homemade Kefir Sparking apple juice 5,00 

Home brewed refreshing and sparkling organic greek apple juice fermented with vegan kefir for a delightfully healthy microbiome.

Whole Earth Sparkling Drink 3,50 

Ginger / Elderflower / Cola 330 ml

Organic Apple Juice 3,00 

200 ml (Tampakos Farm)

Greek Organic Kombucha €3.70 - €4.00

Classic 3.70€ / Cannabis 4€ / Rasberry 3.80€ / Lemon Ginger 3.80€

Xino Nero €2.50 - €4.00

Naturally Carbonated Water

Ginger Lemonade 4,50 

Naturally Carbonated Water with Lemon Juice, Ginger, Mint and Brown Sugar (Fairtrade)


Patoinos Assyrtiko 2021 (White) 34,00 

Bio-Dynamic and Agro-Ecological Domain Patoinos (Patmos)

Ariousia Chora, white dry wine, 750ml €4.50€16.00

This organic white wine is produced on Chios island from a fine blend of the Aegean Sea’s varieties Assyrtiko and Athiri.

«Fegges», natural dry white, 750ml €6.50€26.00

Light green-yellow color. Delicate fresh aromas of exotic fruits. Fine fresh cool, soft, aromatic taste. Accompanies dishes with vegetables, tarts, risotto, fruits, and sweets. Organic Product.

«Litani Begleri » Dry White 2017, 750ml €6.50€29.00

A white dry wine from the local variety Begleri with Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) Ikaria. Slightly cloudy, golden color with blonde highlights. On the nose herbal and floral, with a strong sense of citrus (grapefruit, lemon) and stone fruits. In the mouth, salty and metallic with lively acidity, perfectly balanced with a long aftertaste. Tasty combinations: Combines with, fresh salads, and fruits. 11,5% vol

«Pithary Begleri» Dry White 2020, 750ml 41,50 

Natural traditional white wine from begleri varietal (100%) with I.G.P. IKARIA.  Cloudy with a bright gold color. Smoky, grapefruit, and earthy scents (such as first rain and wet granite), and mushrooms. A pure terroir wine; very complex, rich in minerals, with an evolving taste, and a unique flavor. Hints of wild herbs, tobacco, citrus fruits, and a wet granite finish. Combined with vegetables with lemon. 11,0% vol

«Icarus Begleri » Dry White 2018, 750ml 33,50 

White dry wine from the indigenous local variety Begleri 100%. Bright yellow color with golden reflects and long-lasting legs. Complex nose with an aroma of toffee, lemon, and vanilla. Rich and creamy mouth with long-lasting aftertaste. Combines sensational acidity with sweet flavors of cream, citrus fruit jam, dried nuts and mushroom. Food Pairings: Combined with thick white sauces, mushrooms, paella, artichokes a la polita, linguini with pesto sauce and mushrooms, “xerotigana”, almond paste. 12.5 %

Armonia Ariousios 2020 (White) €5.00€18.00

Malagouzia & Assyrtiko – Varietal White Dry  Characteristic aromas of the harmonious combination of varieties, from organically grown grapes with classical vinification, in a result that fits perfectly with the Mediterranean cuisine, but also the special gastronomy. 750ml 13%

«Asyrtiko», natural dry white, 750ml €6.00€25.00

Wine produced by the excellent white Assyrtiko variety, which is grown in the mountainous areas of Chios. Vineyards are not watered. For the vininfication of this natural red dry wine the grapes at first are sun dried for about a week. It matures for 18 months, in a naturally moist and cold cellar, in oak barrels of about 6 years of age.

«Greek Islands», natural dry white, 750ml €4.00€14.00

Intense and lively in taste, with the characteristic fine aroma and the acidity of the variety. The aura of the Aegean has given this wine a special touch of enjoyment! “Greek Islands” is a food-friendly wine, ideal for Mediterranean cuisine and fresh salads. Assyrtiko 100%  

Patoinos Mavrothyriko 2021 (Red) 34,00 

Bio-Dynamic and Agro-Ecological Domain Patoinos (Patmos)

«Chiotiko», Natural Dry Red, 750ml €6.00€25.00

Chiotiko Krassero is the only native variety that, since antiquity, was giving the fabled “Ariousios Wine”, for which Chios was famous throughout the then known world. Made from vineyards 30 to 40 years old. For the vininfication of this natural red dry wine the grapes at first are sun dried for about a week. No oenological material (e.g. enzymes, yeasts) is added during fermentation, while the cooling and filtration processes are not applied during stabilization.

«Dipsakos», Natural Dry Red, 750ml €6.50€26.00

Deep ruby-purple color. Rich, mature, discreet bouquet. Rich, mature, warm in the mouth without hard tannins, with long duration and aftertaste. Organic Product.

«Pithary » Dry Red 2019, 750ml 42,50 

A natural red wine made from Fokiano (100%) varietal with the most ancient winemaking technique of Ikaria. Opaque, natural red-brown color with orange highlights, and long-lasting legs. Ripe forest fruits such as cherry, lychee, and blackberry in spoon sweet. Flavors of sour cherry and wild cherry dominate; with intense minerality, with a wet granite finish. Food Pairing: Sweet & sour dishes, Gemista (stuffed peppers & tomatoes) Dolma, Soufiko, and Magirio. 13.5 %

Pithari Fokiano 2019 (Red wine) 41,50 

Pithari Fokiano is a special red wine, which is fermented with indigenous yeasts in jars that the family has buried outside the winery. Its color is brick with orange highlights. The intense aromas of red fruits, such as wild strawberries and forest fruits, coexist perfectly with the aromas of tomato, lychee, sweet raspberry and black olive, with notes of lavender following.

Ariousios Afstiros Red Wine €5.50€21.00

Ariousios Afstiros Red Wine 750ml  

Patoinos Assyrtico 2021 (Orange) 34,00 

Bio-Dynamic and Agro-Ecological Domain Patoinos (Patmos)

«Ariousios Rose»,dry rosé wine, 750ml €4.50€18.00

“Ariousios Rosé” organic wine is produced on Chios island by Moschato Hamburg and the local red variety Agiannitis.

«Kypelissos», dry rosé wine, 750ml €6.00€25.00

The bright, normal intensity rose color. Fresh subtle aromas of flowers, and fruits. Cool, soft fresh, peppery in the mouth. Organic Product.

«Icarus Fokiano » Dry Rose 2018, 750ml 33,50 

Natural rose white. Protected Geographical Indication (PGI): Ikaria  Classic rose winemaking process in stainless steel containers; matured in French oak for five months. Wild indigenous yeast fermentation; bottled unfiltered & unfined; no additional sulfites.  13.5 %


Nisos 5,00 

Organic Lager beer from Tinos Island

Blame the sun Beachbum 5% 330ml 5,50 

Its exotic character will take you to the Caribbean and Hawaiian islands, as will its imaginative and summery label. The Greek Blame the Sun is produced from excellent quality raw materials: two types of hops, wheat malt, barley malt, yeast, oat flakes, ginger and lime. This is a beer that exudes explosive aromas of tropical fruits, mango, pineapple in perfect balance with floral notes, ginger and lime. It perfectly accompanies sweet and sour dishes, exotic recipes with spicy elements, but you can also enjoy it on its own.

Midnight Circus Drama Queen 5,50 

A Red Ale with a fierce malty flavor and intense aroma, moderately bittersweet with notes of caramel and biscuit.  4,5% alcohol

Ochee Sta Vathia, Lager with Sea Salt 5,50 

Summer aromatic lager with the best quality seasalt from Kithyra island. 4,5% alcohol.

Ikariotissa, alcoholfree 4,50 

Ikarian 0,5% alcohol lager, brewed on Ikaria island using the longvity waters!

Mongozo Organic & Gluten Free (Belgium) 5,50 

The best gluten free Belgian beer in the world for 2012 and 2013! Produced Organic barley, as the gluten is mechanically removed, organic rice and organic hops. The taste is better than the known conventional beers. It is the only beer in the world that has three certifications: Max Havelaar Fairtrade, Organic beer and Gluten-Free beer and guaranteed gluten content below 10ppm! Taste / smell: with hops and herbs flavor. Appearance: Blond color. Alcohol content: 5.0% 330 ml

ORA (Patra) €4.50 - €6.00

Pilsner 330ml/500ml €4.5/€5.5 / Stout 330ml €6 / IPA 330ml €6 / Weiss 500ml €5.5 / Smoky Lager 330ml €6 /

Charma Beer-Cretan Beer (draft) 400ml 5,50 

Full flavor, slightly malty, with a subtle aftertaste of hops, moderate bitterness - draft 400ml

Ikariotissa (Ikaria) €5.00 - €6.00

330ml €5 / 500ml €6


Giokarini Ouzo 200ml 8,00 

100 ml

Ouzo 3,50 

100 ml

Raki from Crete €4.00 - €8.00

100 ml / 200 ml


Greek Twist (Margarita) 8,00 

Raki from Crete, fresh Lemon, orange liquer

Mastiha Spritz 10,00 

Mastiha, lemon, mint, apple juice and ginger ale

Rum and Ginger Ale 10,00 

Rum, ginger ale, organic lemon juice

Gin with Aegean Tonic 10,00 

Gin, Three Cents Aegean Tonic and slices of cucumber

Spicy Margarita 12,00 

Tequila, orange liqueur, organic lemon juice, salt with cayenne on rim, firewater bitters

Margarita 11,00 

Tequilla Blanco, Triple Sec, Lemon Juice and Salt on the Rim

Aegean Gin Tonic 10,00 

Served with Aegean Three Cents Tonic and Cucumber Slices