Aphrodite’s Skin 5.50

Easy, quick hydration and probiotics for good skin and healthy gut respectively /   Watermelon, Organic plant yoghurt, Cucumber, Fresh Mint

Cosmonaut Miltivitamin Smoothie 6.50

Due to their abundance in micro-nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants Aronia and spirulina constitute common ingredients of astronauts’ diets all around the world. / Melon, Strawberries & Cherries, Organic plant milk, sundried organic aronia,blue organic spirulina, flaxseeds

Popeye’s Iron Strength 6.00

Τhe primal source of all nutritional iron in nature is found just like everything else in plants!/ Βanana, Spinach, Ginger, Organic sundried apricot, organic sunflower seeds, organic plant milk and molasses

Greek Goji, Immune Booster 7.00

Strongly and naturally Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory, Many plant foods are the essence of Hippocrates’: Let Food be thy medicine and medicine be thy Food./ Watermelon , peach/nectarine, Οrganic Apple juice, Almond butter, organic greek goji berry, Ginger, organic turmeric

Cacao Nibs & Protein 7.00

Αt least 20 grams of delicious whole plant protein in a glass! Strength and muscular volume that still shοws kindness and respect to all animals and the environment/ Banana, avocado, pure whole grain peanut butter, organic, fairtrade cacao nibs, carob powder, organic sultanas, 10 grams of organic hemp protein.

Strawberry Praline Smoothie, Healthy & Fair 7.00

When pleasure is directed towardsnNatural ways, health is almost always guaranteed/ Banana, hazelnut butter, cacao nibs,, greek organic sultanas

Summer Reboot 4.00

Melon and watermelon  (partly centrifugal guicing)

Orange 3.00

Health Shield 5.50

Fresh Seasonal Greens, organic apple, celery, lemon ginger

Τhe Prevention Doctor 5.50

Carrots, orange, fresh turmeric/ fresh ginger

Superman Smoothie Bowl 8.50

Frozen Bananas, Strawberries, Cherries, organic plant milk, organic blue spirulina, organic raw grape syrup. Served with greek, corinthian organic goji berries, coconut chips, home-baked protein granola, poppy seeds and banana

Muesly Bowl 7.00

Organic, greek oat flakes or Crispy bran flakes made with organic whole grain wheat or Corn Flakes made with 100% organic Corn, served with a variety of juicy, fresh, seasonal fruits and organic dry fruits and nuts swimming in organic plant based milk with a fullspoon of fresh plant-based cultivated yoghurt.

Scrumble & Greek Goji Berry Chutney (Slightly Salty) 8.00

2 crispy-grilled slices of organic whole grain toast bread, Greek organic Goji Berry chutney with turmeric, sauteed scrambled tofu, organic soy filletines & seasonal veggies, cherry tomatoes, rocket, sprouts. Served with refreshing green salad

Mother Africa (Slightly Sweet) 7.50

Organic whole grain bread with pure peanut butter & organic cocoa, banana fair trade, cacao nibs & cretan carob powder. Accompannied with organic, vegan ice-cream dressed in organic praline (2 slices)

Traditional (Slightly Sweet) 7.50

Organic whole grain bread with a mixture of greek organic whole grain tahini and organic grape syrup, refreshing vegan cultured yoghurt & pistachio. Accompannied with organic vegan ice cream (2 slices)

Toasties with vegan baycon & cheddar 8.00

Organic whole grain toast bread, homemade organic vegan mayo, melted vegan cheddar and plant-based baycon, refreshing green salad with vegan mayo and organic cherry tomatoes

Bacon Style Croissants 8.00

2 organic Croissants cutted in half and filled with plant based bacon, almond-sunflowerseed cheeze & cherry tomatoes

Organic Fair Trade Praline Croissants 8.00

2 organic Croissants cutted in half and filled with vegan fair-trade chocolate praline, banana, organic biscuits & pieces of white vegan chocolate

Organic Avocado Vegan Ice Cream, ball 5.50

Organic, Spanish avocado ice-cream with notes of sweet lemon. Served with organic cookie and organic raw grape syrup

Vanilla Bourbon, Organic Soy Ice Cream 5.50

A ball of soft, delicious, european, organic soy icecream with vanilla bourbon extract. Served with organic cookie and organic raw grape syrup

Organic Rice IceCream with Vanilla Bourbon 5.50

Soft organic vegan icecream made with rice milk and organic vanilla bourbon extract. Served with organic cookie and organic fair trade praline!

Lemon Pie Ice Cream, Organic & Vegan 5.50

Organic vegan icecream with pieces of crusty pie, lemon sauce & almond milk. Served with organic cookie and organic raw grape syrup

Banana Walnut Toffee Swirl, Organic Vegan icecream 5.50

Delicious Cashew icecream with caramelized walnuts and caramel. Served with organic sugar free cookie and organic raw grape syrup

Organic Quinoa & Coconut Vegan Icecream 5.50

A ball of Vegan Icecream made with Organic, Fair trade Quinoa-Coconut milk & a pinch of Sea Salt. Served with organic cookies and organic raw grape syrup

Strawberry & Cheezecake Raw Vegan IceCream 5.50

34% Organic Strawberries, Agave Syrup, cashews. Served with organic cookies and organic raw grape syrup!

Ginger Lemonade 4.00

Naturally Carbonated Water with Lemon Juice, Ginger, Mint and Brown Sugar (Fairtrade)

Xino Nero €3.00-€5.00

Naturally Carbonated Water 250 ml €3 / 750 ml €5

Greek Organic Kombucha €3.70-€4.00

Classic 3.70€ / Cannabis 4€ / Rasberry 3.80€ / Lemon Ginger 3.80€

Now Black Cola 4.00

Organic Cola with Guarana

Organic Apple Juice 3.00

200 ml (Tampakos Farm)

Three Cents Carbonated Beverages 4.00

Pink Grapefruit Soda / Aegean Tonic

Whole Earth Sparkling Drink 3.50

Ginger / Elderflower 330 ml

Greek Goji berry-Orange Organic Juice 3.80

20% Organic Greek Goji berry from Corinthos, 80% Greek Organic Orange, 200ml

Organic Greek Goji Berry & Apple Juice 3.80

20% Greek Organic Goji Berries from Corinthos & 80% Greek Organic Apples

Turmeric shot, Organic Human, 100ml 4.50

Orange, apple, acerola pulp, ginger, passion fruit, buckthorn pulp, turmeric, black pepper, chilli

Espresso 2.20

Organic and Fair Trade

Espresso double 2.80

Organic and Fair Trade

Freddo espresso 3.20

Organic and Fair Trade

Freddo Espresso with Plant-Based Milk 3.50

Organic and Fair Trade

Cold Brew 3.20

Organic and Fair Trade

Zapatistas Coffee 2.20

100% Arabica Organic and Fair Trade

Zapatistas Coffee Double 2.80

100% Arabica Organic and Fair Trade

Hot Cacao 3.00


Cold Cacao with Cacao Nibs 6.00

Fairtrade Cacao with Madagascar Vanilla and Coconut Blossom Sugar / Cardamon, Cinnamon, Ginger and Coconut Blossom Sugar

“Mediterranean Cacao“ Hot Carob 3.20

Carob is caffeine free, naturally sweet and rich in minerals

*Juicing daily a variety of greens, roots and fruits is the only practical way to make sure that you are taking in all the essential micro-nutrients that you need to stay healthy and productive until the last day.

We are using one of the best juicers in the world, with double magnetic cylinders, so that you can have the maximum cellular nutrition at minimum time, that means 15-20 minutes.

*Αll our Smoothies are prepared using the technology of vacuum blending which gives the minimum oxidation possible during the blending process. As a result nutrients stay intact and smoothies fresh for more time in your glass.