Vast majority of our vegetables, fruits, greens, nuts, legumes, fermented products, mushrooms and sprouts are organic.

Service-tips are not included in the prices


(17:00 - 23:00)


Hummus with smoked peppers & eggplant 9,00 

organic, greek legume of the day, whole-grain organic tahini, smoked peppers & eggplants, olive-oil and lemon juice, served with grilled whole-grain pita bread with olive-oil and oregano

Oven Roasted Organic Potatoes 8,00 

spiced, dressed with extra virgin olive-oil, oven-baked organic Greek potatoes, served with home-made vegan mayonnaise

Çiğ köfte (Tsi Kiofte) 9,00 

Five traditional Turkish bulgur & pepper paste kofte in its vegan and organic edition. Served with grilled whole-grain arabic pita bread. Taste suggestion: Eat it with the lettuce served.

Perneras' variety of appetizers 29,00 

A big plate with a mix of our appetizers!

Pizza Slice With Organic Ancient Whole Grain 9,50 

Home made crust made with organic whole grain flour from archaic protected varieties of grains, plant cheeze, fresh mushrooms, tofu or vegan ham and seasonal vegetables. Served with fresh rocket, cherry tomatoes & homemade almond-sunflower seed cheeze

Gaspacho Soup 9,00 

Refreshing, raw soup with tomatoes, cucumber, onion, water melon, fresh herbs and ice. Served with whole grain rusks, pesto and home grown sprouts

Guacamole from Organic Cretan Avocados 10,00 

served with oven-baked whole-grain nachos

Babaganoush 10,00 

eggplants baked in the oven with peppers and garlic, organic whole-grain tahini, apple cider, extra virgin olive-oil and a special mix of spices! Served with whole-grain Arabic pita, grilled with olive-oil and oregano

Lahmatzoon / Turkish Pizza with Mince 9,50 

crispy whole-grain pita topped with organic, juicy legumes’ and organic tempeh mince cooked in tomato sauce with our favourite spices, onion, organic, traditional varieties of cherry tomatoes and fresh greens

Lahmatzoon / Turkish Pizza with Seed ‘Cheese’ 9,00 

crispy whole-grain pita topped with organic, home-made white, sunflower seed and almond paste, organic traditional varieties of greek cherry tomatoes and fresh greens

Vegan Tzatziki 8,50 

Home-made, greek, light, organic, refreshing, vegan tzatziki. Served with home-made zea bread

Fava 8,50 

Organic Fava from Thessaly, cooked traditionally, served with caramelized onion and caper bush, accompanied with home made whole grain bread


Rainbow Coleslaw €11.00 - €16.00

Fresh Organic and Seasonal cabbage, beets, radish, carrots, celery root, and dry figs, with whole grain & organic tahini and homemade mayonnaise dressing. Vegan Size 16.00

Ceasar's Protein €11.00 - €16.00

At least three kinds of seasonal greens, rocket,cherry tomatoes, fresh yellow corn, organic home made chickun seitan, home-baked zea wheat croutons, home-made almondzela, organic sundried strawberry strips, ceasar dressing. (Gluten free optional with tofu). Vegan Size 16.00

Mushroom Salad €11.00 - €16.00

At least three different kinds of seasonal greens, rocket, fresh mushrooms lightly sauteed with fresh rosemary in extra virgin olive oil, organic sundried tomatoes, sultanas, organic Greek walnuts, homemade sunflower almond cheese, patmian sundried figs, sweet mustard dressing, home-grown broccoli, trifolium and china rose sprouts, extra virgin olive oil. Vegan Size 16,00

Greek Salad €10.50 - €14.50

Tomatoes, cucumber, green & red pepper, onion, parsley, olives, organic grape or apple vinegar, organic oatmeal rusks, almond & sunflower seed cheeze, extra virgin olive oil, oregano Vegan Size 14,00

Protein Taboule 9,00 

Greek Organic bulgur, tomato, cucumber, organic aronia, black raisin, fresh onion, parsley, coriander, extra virgin olive-oil and spices (gluten free optional with quinoa)

Burgers - Wraps - Sandwiches

Seitan Chickun Wrap 10,00 

Homemade chickun seitan from organic protein of wheat, oven baked potatoes, vegan yoghurt sauce, hummus, home made mayonnaise,tomatoes, fresh green salad in big, whole grain 27cm pita

Pernera's Beyond Burger 14,00 

It all starts with a 110gr Beyond Burger then melted vegan cheese, homemade vegan mayonaise, bbq sauce, tomato, onion, lettuce, a ban made with 100% archaic protected varieties of whole grains. (extra slice of plant-based bacon +1,5)

Falafel Wrap 8,50 

Homemade crispy falafel balls made with organic chickpeas & fresh greens and spices, oven baked potatoes, vegan yoghurt sauce, hummus, home made mayonnaise,tomatoes, fresh green salad. All wrapped in a big whole grain 27cm pita.

Oven Baked Mushroom Wrap 9,00 

Oven-baked mushroom gyros, oven-baked potatoes, vegan mayonnaise, vegan yoghurt winter sauce, tomato, onion, all wraped in a big whole grain arabic pita bread of 27cm.

Main Dishes

Creamy Mushroom Spaghetti 13,00 

Pasta made with 100% archaic protected grains cooked in vegan organic homemade creamy sauce, fresh herbs & mushrooms.

Vegan Bolognese Pasta 13,00 

Pasta made with 100% archaic protected grains cooked in juicy red sauce made with organic legumes' mince and served with home-made almondzela and fresh herbs

Vegan Mousaka 14,00 

Zuccini Beshamel cream covering a legumes' and organic tempeh's juicy red mince and oven baked vegetables, served with vegan homemade tzatziki in a marriage of tradition and ethics.

Oven baked Mushrooms, portion 14,00 

A variety of fresh mushrooms marinated in a mixture of greek herbs. Served with oven-baked potatoes, fresh organic salad, homemade vegan yogurt sauce, homemade mustard sauce & grilled whole grain organic pita bread.

Vegan Soutzoukakia 13,50 

organic beans’ balls baked in the oven and dipped in home-made tomato-sauce. Based on the traditional recipe, served with oven-baked potatoes or organic Greek brown rice or organic Greek archaic wheat

Falafel Portion 13,00 

6 crispy falafel balls grilled on the pan with extra virgin olive oil, homemade hummus with whole-grain tahini, vegan homemade tzatziki, juicy, fresh green salad dressed in vegan mayo dressing, whole grain arabic pita bread grilled with olive-oil and oregano.

Side Dishes

Grilled Bread Portion 2,50 

home-made, whole ancient grain and organic, sliced and grilled with extra virgin olive-oil, oregano and sea-salt

Whole, Small Loaf 4,00 

home-made, whole ancient grain and organic small loaf to accompany you all day at home

Sweets of the day

Tahini Cinammon Pie 5,50 

Home-made whole grain pie in rolls stuffed with organic whole grain tahini and petimezi.

Vegan Ice cream, scoop 4,00 

A scoop of exceptional Vegan Icecream made with coconut milk, 10% pistachio butter or 10% hazelnut butter, and walnut. Served with greek organic cookie. Hazelnut, Pistachio or Strawberry & Cheezecake Raw Vegan IceCream (choose your flavour)

Chocolate Mosaic Cake 6,50 

Organic, fair-trade cacao and unprocessed sugar, as always, organic, sugar-free cookies, peanut butter, patmian flower water, served cool with organic vegan icecream and fair trade organic praline. +3,50 Ice cream scoop

Cold Beverages

Whole Earth Sparkling Drink 3,70 

Cola 330 ml Ginger 330ml

Organic Apple Juice 3,00 

200 ml (Tampakos Farm)

Greek Organic Kombucha €4.00 - €4.50

Classic 4.00 /Lemon Ginger 4.10/ Strawberry Hibiscus & Mint 4.50 and Prickly Pear & Spearmint 4.50

Xino Nero €2.50 - €4.00

Naturally Carbonated Water

Ginger Lemonade 4,50 

Naturally Carbonated Water with Lemon Juice, Ginger, Mint, Patmian Flower Water and Brown Sugar (Fairtrade)


Organic White Wine €4.00€15.00

Cabernet blanc – Athiri and Malagouzia. Vegan labeled & Organic

Patoinos Assyrtiko 2021 (White) 34,00 

Bio-Dynamic and Agro-Ecological Domain Patoinos (Patmos)

Ariousia Chora, white dry wine, 750ml €4.50€16.00

This organic white wine is produced on Chios island from a fine blend of the Aegean Sea’s varieties Assyrtiko and Athiri.

«Fegges», natural dry white, 750ml €6.50€26.00

Light green-yellow color. Delicate fresh aromas of exotic fruits. Fine fresh cool, soft, aromatic taste. Accompanies dishes with vegetables, tarts, risotto, fruits, and sweets. Organic Product.

«Litani Begleri » Dry White 2017, 750ml €6.50€29.00

A white dry wine from the local variety Begleri with Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) Ikaria. Slightly cloudy, golden color with blonde highlights. On the nose herbal and floral, with a strong sense of citrus (grapefruit, lemon) and stone fruits. In the mouth, salty and metallic with lively acidity, perfectly balanced with a long aftertaste. Tasty combinations: Combines with, fresh salads, and fruits. 11,5% vol

«Icarus Begleri » Dry White 2018, 750ml €6.50€33.50

White dry wine from the indigenous local variety Begleri 100%. Bright yellow color with golden reflects and long-lasting legs. Complex nose with an aroma of toffee, lemon, and vanilla. Rich and creamy mouth with long-lasting aftertaste. Combines sensational acidity with sweet flavors of cream, citrus fruit jam, dried nuts and mushroom. Food Pairings: Combined with thick white sauces, mushrooms, paella, artichokes a la polita, linguini with pesto sauce and mushrooms, “xerotigana”, almond paste. 12.5 %

Organic Red Wine €4.00€15.00

Agiorgitiko & Merlot. Vegan labeled & Organic

Patoinos Mavrothyriko 2021 (Red) 34,00 

Bio-Dynamic and Agro-Ecological Domain Patoinos (Patmos)

«Kypelissos», dry orange wine, 750ml €6.00€25.00

The bright, normal intensity orange color. Fresh subtle aromas of flowers, and fruits. Cool, soft fresh, peppery in the mouth. Organic Product.

Patoinos Assyrtico 2021 (Orange) 34,00 

Bio-Dynamic and Agro-Ecological Domain Patoinos (Patmos)

Organic Rosé Wine €4.00€15.00

Agiorgitiko. Vegan labeled & Organic

«Icarus Fokiano » Dry Rose 2018, 750ml €6.50€33.50

Natural rose white. Protected Geographical Indication (PGI): Ikaria  Classic rose winemaking process in stainless steel containers; matured in French oak for five months. Wild indigenous yeast fermentation; bottled unfiltered & unfined; no additional sulfites.  13.5 %

Ariousia Chora, white dry wine, 750ml 7,50 

This organic white wine is produced on Chios island from a fine blend of the Aegean Sea’s varieties Assyrtiko and Athiri.


Uncle Aimilios 6,50 

From Chios Island, Pilsner, 440ML, ALC.5.00% Vegan Certified "In the old days, beer was easy, no filters, no pasteurization and no pasteurization and no chirimony ... The place was malting malt! Not like the swill that the youth of today are drinking... "I remember that time in the carnival with two reels and Mariw by my side..."

Xarti kai Kalamari 6,50 

A comedian, a nomadic microbrewery, a book of 12 dark stories, 35 kilos of raw Muscovado sugar from an island in the Indian Ocean (Mauritius)... met in a bar in Ikaria (Greece). That's how a mystery Belgian Dubbel beer was born, with a rich taste and roasted notes. BELGIAN DUBBEL , 440ML, ALC.7.00%. Vegan Certified

ΠΑΙΧΤΕ ΠΑΝΚ! (Play Punk!) Midnight Circus Gypsy Brewing 5,50 

Vegan Certified. Midnight Circus' collaboration with Kourafelkithra continues with a Stout, equally bittersweet, with a strong aroma of cocoa, chocolate and subtle notes of raisins. Stout Black Beer, 6,5 %,330ml

Midnight Circus Drama Queen 5,50 

A Red Ale with a fierce malty flavor and intense aroma, moderately bittersweet with notes of caramel and biscuit.  4,5% alcohol. Vegan Certified.

Ikariotissa, alcoholfree 5,00 

Ikarian 0,5% alcohol lager, brewed on Ikaria island using the longvity waters!

Ochee Sta Vathia, Lager with Sea Salt 5,50 

A summery, aromatic lager beer with salt blossom from the salt pans of Kythera. 330ml. Vegan Certified.

Blame The Sun Beach BUM 330ml 6,00 

Ale packed with Ginger and tropical fruit aromas and lime aftertaste. Greek beer with a tropical character that will take you to the Caribbean! Tropic Ale, 5% Alcohol

Psihi Tou Parti (Midnight Circus) (Athens) 5,20 

IPA 330ml. Its colour is cloudy, yellowish-blue with plenty of white foam of medium consistency and duration. The aromas are intense, fresh, fruity with pleasant hoppy citrus and tropical fruit notes.

ORA (Patra) €4.50 - €5.00

Pilsner 330ml €4,5 The four excellent malt kilos and the traditional hops create its authentic taste. IPA 330ml €5 With seven hop varieties and aromatic accents in its special filling, it refreshes the senses. WEISS 330ml €4,5 With high quality wheat, which gives accents to its special filling, it refreshes the senses. ORA Patrinella SMOKY LAGER Craft 330ml €4,5

Charma Beer-Cretan Beer (draft) 400ml 6,00 

Full flavor, slightly malty, with a subtle aftertaste of hops, moderate bitterness - draft 400ml

Ikariotissa (Ikaria) €5.50 - €6.50

330ml €5,5 / 500ml €6.5

Vergina Lager (Thraki) 4,00 

500 ml


Giokarini Ouzo 200ml 8,00 

100 ml

Raki from Crete €4.00 - €8.00

100 ml / 200 ml

Cocktails/ Longdriks